What is Provenza Heirloom?

When we think of heirlooms, we often think of priceless artifacts, wonderful works of art, and other equality exquisite things that adorn the museums and homes of rich people. But we often don’t think of a wood floor being called an heirloom. However, that’s what provenza heirloom wooden floors are. The wooden floors aren’t just normal timbers laid side by side.

The provenza heirloom floors are wire brushed, hand scraped, distressed, and then given a natural UV oil finish. It’s handmade to work exactly for you and the needs of your home. They might not be fancy works of art, but they’ve earned the right to be the floor below those art pieces.

The distressing process is what makes the wood look old, even if it isn’t, because who doesn’t like older wood that looks like it’s been places and seen some things. The real thing that makes these floors different are their textures, where wire brushing gives off a weathered look, the sense that the wood has been around a long time.

The wood can be weathered in several different ways; either by doing wire brushing, using nail boards to create wormholes and gouging out holes with a hammer to create the effect of age. All these ways are combined to give the appearance of wood that has aged naturally, and once the distressing is complete then you have provenza heirloom wood.

provenza heirloom

The wood can go with any rustic themed home or room and can make the area look rugged and weathered, perfect if you want that look. Every type of wood can go through the distressing process and come out looking different. Kind of like humans if you think about it, because we go through distress, and then we come out all aged and wrinkled!